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Welcome to Billings’s only functional medicine clinic.  This is radically new type of practice to serve not only Billings, but the state of Montana, parts of Wyoming, and the two Dakotas. I think most will agree that our medical system in this country is not dealing effectively with chronic health issues.  It is both costly (over $4 trillion expected this next year) and impersonal (How can one have problems solved in a 15 minute slot?).

I have started Mountain Health, a new kind of medical practice that addresses these problems.  This is a functional medicine practice, rather than the traditional primary care practice.  Technology will be a friend to both the providers in the clinic and to the clinic members (not patients).   What is Functional Medicine?

For the past several years, I have been studying functional medicine, as it frees me from the limitations of conventional medicine. Conventional medicine does little to address the causes of most chronic illnesses.   The common basis for most of our illness in the modern world involves our day-to-day behaviors, our choices is foods and exercise, and life-style choices.  So many are totally unaware of the importance of these three factors.

Conventional medicine is overly reliant on drugs that suppress symptoms and do very little to correct the causes of our illnesses.  One’s insomnia is not due to a deficiency of Ambien.  The conventional doctor does not have the time, the resources, nor the training to educate you on how to solve this multifactorial problem which is causing your inability to sleep.   Conventional medicine says, “Take Ambien.  Don’t worry about the addiction of multiple side effects of the medicine.”

Functional medicine searches for the root cause of the health problems we face in 21st century life.  It goes “upstream” to find the multiple factors which causes our dysfunction in health.  These factors include genetics, past medical history, lifestyle, environment, and mental/emotional factors.   Functional medicine has a much bigger arsenal to bring about health, as compared to conventional medicine.  Functional medicine draws from the best of practices from all over the globe, using diet and lifestyle modifications, stress management, detoxification, supplements and botanical medicine, and even when necessary conventional prescription drugs.

Functional medicine works because the provider spends meaningful time with its patients.  Imagine always having 60 minutes to visit with your doctor!  Do you think your problems will be heard better?  Can a meaningful and powerful solution be drawn up and implemented in this time frame?

Yes. Functional medicine is not a new fad, but a real means of improving our health care.   The Cleveland Clinic’s new Center for Functional Medicine now has over a 4 month waiting period for it’s new patients.

Mountain Health, as I said earlier, is a revolutionary new clinic to this area.

First, it is a direct-primary care based membership model.  In this model, the members (patients) pay a one time, or monthly subscription fee and receive a program curriculum which includes education, health care, health coaching, acupuncture all designed for an individual’s needs. The goals of Mountain Health is to provide functional medicine to the people in our state and neighboring states, to lower the burden of chronic disease, lowering of health care costs, and to improve the experience in health care for more people.

Second, Mountain Health provides its functional medicine through digital technology driven services platform.  Mountain Health is able to make health care more efficient and more enjoyable for its providers and patients.  From the backend office services, to patient access to all labs, notes, and health care data, to tracking outcomes in real time, technology is the backbone of Mountain Health.

Third, Mountain Health saves moneys in two ways.  By reversing and preventing many of the chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, asthma, autoimmune diseases and even dementia, money is saved and vitality increased allowing its members a better quality of life.  Mountain Health is an alternative for employee wellness plans, allowing employers to save money through improved productivity and lower insurance programs.


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My Guarantee –

In traditional medicine I could offer no guarantees.  But with our functional medicine program, I can and do offer two guarantees to all of our members.

First Guarantee – You will be heard.  Our visits will not be those 15 minute visits, but up to an hour if needed.  I will have time to listen to your concerns and learn about your wants and needs.

Second Guarantee – If you do the things we tell you to do, and avoid the things we tell you not to do, YOU WILL GET RESULTS.  That’s a promise.



Imagine living in a house with no toilet.  Can you imagine the stench!  Why would we want to live in a body where there has been no elimination of waste.  This elimination of the stale, the old, the putrid is necessary for us to grow and to become healthy.


Food is an powerful influence on health.  Food actually tells our bodies how to function by signaling exactly when and how each different type of cell should behave in every situation.  The goal is to find the very best ways of each individual to eat so as to maximize the potential for health.


Fitness plays a huge role in physical and mental wellness.  Balanced fitness brings an improvement in appearance as well as mental and emotional health.  Without being physically fit, one cannot be at the top of his or her intellectual game.


Stress is a constant in life.  It does not go away with retirement, a new job, or other changes in our life.  We will always have stress.  This is good.  Stress makes diamonds from coal.  We can learn how to control and to respond to our stresses, so that we can live to our max.


Which of the five pillars of health can be left out?  None.  All must be addressed concurrently.  This is where many programs fail.  One pillar is addressed, the others are saved for later.  Any building contractor knows a tall building cannot be built without good foundation.


We all know that “hormones out of balance” is a raging bear.  This is true for both women and men.  Lifestyle changes can simply restore this balance without the side effects of pharmacologic hormone replacement.

Do you want more from your health care provider?  Do want a team approach to your care?

Health is a constantly changing phenomenon.  WE are either moving towards better health, or moving away.  We often take two steps forward, then one backwards.  It is better to repeat this pattern, that to take more backward steps.

No matter where you are in age, positive changes can be made to get your health more optimal.  And you know, the effort really is not that much!

Join me, and together we can get you better health and more enjoyment in life!

Call for an appointment with me at Mountain Health Functional Medicine, 406-969-6310.

Roy Hall, MD

On March 10th we had our first appointment at Mountain Health Functional Medicine.  We both joined Roy’s program, and we are so glad we did.  Since March, Butch has lost 36 pounds, and I have lost 22 pounds.  We are both sleeping better, eating better, feeling better, and enjoying life more.

We are learning about the importance of hormone balance, and both have had hormone injections just two weeks ago.


Together, we have decided to get off the conveyor belt to getting older and sicker, with more medication each year.  We are fighting to stay healthy and active, and we now think getting to know Roy Hall has been a gift from God.

Jane Smart

“I am so thankful to have found Mountain Health Functional Medicine!  Dr. Roy, Sharon and Alyssa are caring, compassionate people who are providing the tools I need to help me achieve better health.  While I still have some hurdles to cross before I reach my goals, I’m very encouraged by my progress.  New habits are forming in my life, making a positive impact on myself and my loved ones.  Already I notice my body is stronger both physically and emotionally, and I have more energy and motivation in my day to day activities.  In a world where there is so much conflicting information on how to deal with various ailments, I’m very thankful to have the expertise of Dr. Roy and Alyssa by my side leading me on this journey to wellness!”

~Kristine K.

Kristine T.

Number of Days to Develop New Habits

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“I want to extend to you my heartfelt thanks.  Thank you for being so positive — so upbeat about her condition.  I felt doctors before you were doom and gloom.  everyone insisting it must be cancer or AIDS.  You are the only one who gave us hope.  You gave us something to work on — the Elimination Diet.  This is life changing.”

Cindy Rogers (mother of a patient)

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